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Ashley H.

"I’d say my biggest breakthrough with food would be knowing I can consume so much more than I was giving my body before. I was always scared to eat higher foods daily for the fear of gaining weight. So I roller coaster-ed with binging and restricting. I’d say for the last two months I’ve been more consistent hitting those bigger macros and giving myself the food freedom on the days I need more. I’m maintaining my physique and feeling less bloated and sluggish. Working with Alicia has been such a joy. She listened to my struggles. Understand I'm not like everyone else. And takes the time to respond and also has gotten to know me more than just a macro number. The time she takes with check-ins with the voice messages is personal and it makes me feel good and that she has my best interest at heart. My workout schedule is also really great. She takes into consideration what I like and what I don’t like. And when I need someone to tell me to relax and try something new out. Sometimes that gentle reminder is exactly what a girl needs. I recently injured myself. And I’m my past coach days I would be told to push myself and get back. But Alicia has taken the opposite approach and told me to heal, listen to my body and take the time I need or I’ll hurt myself long term. That taking time off isn’t a bad thing and sometimes we need a break not just physically but mentally also."


Abbey W.

"Before the program I didn’t realize how much I was under-eating. Now that my calories have increased I realize that my estimate that I was eating about 1,400 calories a day was WAYYYY over what I was actually eating. I think tracking has really helped me to gauge how much I eat even when I do go out and am just guessing. With the increase in calories I have also finally gotten past some huge strength plateaus. I finally feel like I am making progress and it makes working out so much more exciting and rewarding! I feel much more comfortable going on trips now and knowing it is not going to totally hinder my progress. In the past I would get so anxious before a long trip but now I just eat what makes me feel good (with some extra fries thrown in Obvi)."

Destynee M.

"I’m proud to be finally learning and understanding how macro counting works, and I definitely understand more now how beneficial it can be. That being said, I also am proud of how I’ve learned to intuitively eat based on what I know about macros in certain foods.I truthfully don’t have anything negative to say about this coaching program. You both were extremely accommodating and readily available to answer any questions I had, basically at any time of day. And the amount of resources you guys provide is worth GOLD, the effort you put into this program’s structure shows, and I thank you so so much for helping me out! I can’t wait to work with you guys again!"


Belynda Y.

"Not only has this helped me grow confidence but my family has seen the difference. They've watched me restrict my relationship with food day in and day out for years and finally seeing me eat a larger plate of food than my dad has made them happier than ever. Our relationship with each other is growing just from them knowing I’m taking care of myself."

Nicole N.

“Thank you so much for being so awesome - from someone who has had a TERRIBLE relationship with food since middle and high school, just realizing that I have this power of being able to have foods that I want and knowing that food is fuel and not something to fear, means more to me than you will ever know.

This experience really has changed my outlook on life and I am forever grateful.”


Krystin M.

“Before I started eating more and reverse dieting, I was scared to because I was told that a calorie deficit was the only way I was going to achieve the look I wanted. But after a reverse diet and gaining more energy and confidence in myself and my ability in the gym, I am very happy that I did! I am happy with my progress so far!” 

Cami K.

"My relationship with food has tremendously improved so much. Since I've been eating more and focusing on getting in enough protein I feel more satisfied, have more energy, and less cravings. I used to wake up and have coffee with a banana and then not eat for several hours afterwards, and then snack on chocolate, and really only have a full meal for dinner. Now I can eat more in one sitting and I don't even have the cravings to snack on random candy or chocolates anymore. Also even though in the past I used to go to the gym kind of regularly I didn't track what I was eating the way I am now. I thought I just needed to have *some* protein on the days I was working out like a shake or some chicken, but it wasn't consistent and I was probably still eating less than 1300 calories a day. Eating more and knowing what's going on my body has made it easier to even eat the things that used to set off my IBS like dairy. I can eat more now that I'm increasing my food, eating more veggies and fruits, drinking more water, moving and exercising more. I also feel a lot more comfortable in the gym."

Roxanne D.

"This coaching experience has been like night and day for me. When I initially reached out, I was extremely hesitant because of my past experiences with coaches. We spoke for quite a while on the phone, and by the end of our conversations, I decided to take a chance. I am SO glad I did! Alicia takes the time to explain things to me and educate me on anything that I am questioning. I have never had that in a coach. Knowing that she is just a text away puts my mind at so much ease. She doesn’t make me feel like a bother or that I am just a paycheck. I feel like she takes the time to listen and hears me."


Jenna D.

"My biggest breakthrough is that I can actually eat without starving myself and lose weight! For so many years I've been struggling with diets and my weight going way up and then way down, never able to maintain it because I felt so food deprived for so long. Now I'm eating the foods I love and still losing weight."

Chandler F.

"My biggest breakthrough is reshaping my idea of food. Before starting, I was nervous about eating more than 1200 calories because I thought I'd gain a lot of weight, but my body has stayed within the same 5 pound fluctuation it usually does! Now, I can see how food can be used to fuel my body throughout the day."


Enedina C.

"My biggest breakthrough has been eating more and having great digestion. For years I remember not eating certain foods or just always having to worry about my digestion daily. I feel like I’ve been living such a new life as I can go out and have foods I like and it does not mess with my digestion! Now that my digestion is on track I feel like I care for my body more. It really has given me the motivation to continue to fuel my body and keep it healthy. Balance. You’ve got to love it!!"

Jessica S.

“I have been able to be more intentional about food and I have wayyy less emotions about eating. I have started fueling my body more regularly and I haven’t felt as frantic and overly hungry. I also have been able to eat out with my friends, go out for drinks, and make home-made dinners, have BBQs, etc - stress free!”

Sarah F.

"The amount of food I'm eating now is crazy. I never had an eating disorder, but there has always been a part of me subconsciously wanting to eat as little as possible. I wouldn't give in to not eating because I love food too much, but it was always there anyway, making going out unfun. Working with you guys has definitely killed that 'guilty' subconscious of mine. I know we started at around 1800 but that was just the week I was eating crazy amounts at home pre-coming back to college, which probably meant I was really eating 1500ish on average. THANK YOU for showing me that food is energy and that food and health can still be fun and balanced!!"

Rebeca H.

"This definitely helped me fix my relationship with food, as in not being scared of eating food. Literally I would under eat, then that would lead to overeating. So just building a healthy relationship with food was a huge win. This also has allowed me to have the opportunity to also build a healthy relationship with my body, and understand that all of this is a process."

Anique H.

"I came into this process with so much fear around increasing food and also around certain foods (dairy, animal products, gluten).  Today I have re-introduced foods and realized that these foods aren't bad and that my body can adapt to more food without gaining tons of weight.  Also proud to say that I now LOVE weights and walking!  My desire to run, do cardio and HITT is so minimal and weights make me feel confident and strong.  I used to care so much about how many calories I would burn in a workout (hence lots of cardio)...but now I focus on how the workouts make me feel.  Weights make me feel strong and my body is not so run down all the time. I am someone that is very focused, independent, driven and knowledgeable.  However when I came to my fear of gaining weight and fixing my metabolism, no matter how much I knew that I needed to eat more and do more weights....I couldn't push past the fear."

Audrey F.

"It's almost hard to put into words but it’s night and day from how I felt 8 weeks ago. I haven’t had to kill myself to make progress and that has been the biggest eye opening thing for me. I'm eating enough food and not starving. I don’t feel guilty ever, and when I look in the mirror I don’t shy away, I have way more confidence and don’t hide under baggy clothes anymore either. I used to wait for the day I’d feel motivated enough to start working out again but even I knew it was going to take discipline and accountability to get me back in line with a healthy lifestyle and that’s what I needed from having a program and coach."


Ashley S.

"Something I'm most proud of is just being excited to workout and take care of my body. That is something I honestly never thought I'd say before a year ago, and genuinely didn't understand people who worked out so much. Now I can't stop talking about lifting, and it's a big part of sustaining my mental health. I've just really loved this experience and honestly think it's had a big and lasting impact on my life. I view working out and nutrition in such a different way now, and this process has created a life-long passion for taking care of my body."


Tiffany B.

"If you’re on the fence - DO IT!!!!  I was also on the fence because I have been working out for years, and I knew how to track macros. But to have someone assess more than just your weight every week is amazing because you get the full picture. You get to have someone to ask the questions that you always had but didn’t know who to ask. You get out of coaching what you put into it. The coach will be there through every step but you have to apply the things they teach!"


Carley S.

"My biggest breakthrough is seeing for myself how eating more food allowed me to build muscle, not just gain fat. I've also progressed more in the gym than I thought possible, all while accommodating a really serious long-term injury. I'm also so motivated to work out and gain strength, because I'm seeing progress like I've never seen before. I was hesitant to join the program because in my rational mind I knew I needed to eat more food but I was incredibly scared of gaining weight and letting go of my disordered habits."

Jenna S.

"My biggest breakthrough as a mom with this program has been creating healthy habits with food and exercise for not just myself but for my family.  There's so many ways this program has helped me but also my family. My kids are eating healthier because I'm making healthier choices/meals. My kids are actively participating by choice in my workouts because they find them fun and exciting. They are my little support system without even trying to be and it's been a wonderful experience together. This program has benefited me to have a better relationship with food, and in turn is helping my daughters to have a good relationship with food because I'm modeling it to them. I was done with doing starvation diets, hiding in pictures as a family behind my children. The best thing I can teach my daughters is self-care is important, that I deserve to do something to help myself be a better version of me, and thankfully I've had a supportive husband that pushed me to take part in self-care (which I choose through this lifestyle change). This program helped me love myself again, and not just view food as an enemy any longer but fuel for my body. I can eat way more than 1200 calories and not gain weight. I can eat pasta for dinner, ice cream sundaes with my kids and not feel guilty any longer. I'm no longer living a life of depriving myself and I'm losing weight at 1800+ calories a day. I'm reversing what years of dieting has done to me and relearning to love food as well as myself. All these fad diets can't compete with that. This program isn't a fad, it's the best lifestyle change I have made for myself and my family."

Shani L.

"I used to try and be in a calorie deficit all the time, and it was working to some point but then it started working against me. I was afraid of eating more because I thought to myself if I'm gaining weight eating this little, how much weight will I gain eating more?


With you by my side I was able to increase my caloric intake to an enjoyable level, even have some free days eating foods I don't even know their macros and calories, and I only gained 1-2 kg that came down as soon as we started cutting. I am excited to continue doing this this year as well - enjoying more food and social events :)"


Olivia K.

“Out of any coaching program I have worked with or just in general I think you all care the most and put in the most effort daily when it comes to education! Keep on doing that because that’s how you will see the most success with clients and your growth. I feel like I am always learning even if I know the subject, seeing a different point of view is eye opening!”


Courtnei F.

"This is the most I’ve felt heard and celebrated ever! All my questions and concerns are addressed."


Josefina L.

"I am proud of actually sticking to my goal. This was to enjoy going to the gym more and it has for sure been achieved. It has been so great switch my mentality of wanting immediate change. I used to want results by a specific time but now I now I am working towards a bigger and better goal. Who knows what looks like, but I am excited to see what my body can do. I am also grateful for a great team of coaches that has never pressured me to do anything, this has also been a game-changer. Past coaches wanted me to reach a certain weight by a certain date and that never worked for me. I kept failing at that bc I was asking my body too much in such short periods of time. I am happy I have become way more open minded towards fitness and everything is has to offer."


Jackie A.

"In the past it has been really hard to keep myself accountable to my macros and pushing my hardest In the gym and just knowing Rachel is there to support me and keep me accountable has made a world of difference!"

"I just feel so supported! I finally feel like I will actually achieve my goals if I am consistent and patient"

Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 6.31.04 AM.png

Olivia K.

“I have improved SO much in the gym in just a short few weeks— trying new machines, exercises, failing and trying again to only realize I can do that certain exercise now which has helped me with upping weight, progressive overload and just doing certain exercises again that I had not in a while so to shoulder injury”

Ally F.

“I was under-eating and had very disordered eating for the past year. To finally feel like I’m fueling my body is so rewarding and feels so good. With that, I’ve been seeing so many gains in the gym too, which just reiterates the need to eat more and eat better. It was not an easy thing to do at first and it is still hard to see my body change sometimes, but I’ve learned this is all about the long game! And I can't wait to see how things turn out.“

Untitled design-14.png

Micah D.

"I also think that working with a coach, even as a coach, really helps expand your knowledge. I am not a food girly at all so working with Rachel has really helped in that aspect. You guys make it SO EASY to learn and make it make sense."

Shelby S.

"I think the biggest non-scale victory for me has been getting over my fear of food. Getting out of the binge/restrict cycle. I’ve just begun to realize how important every kind of food is. I have more energy! I have better lifts! I feel strong again! And overall just excited to keep building habits that will help me in the future. I am enjoying the journey more than I have before."


Caroline W.

"My relationship with food and exercising has been the biggest breakthrough. I used to force myself to exercise and walk so much and then eat the bare minimum. Now I eat as much as I want (while tracking obviously) and truly listen to my body while hitting my goals."

Keely R.

"I cannot sing the praises loud enough for The Fit Breakthrough team! Planned on signing up for only 3 months, extended for 6 more after and have no plans on quitting anytime soon. I have my personal training certification but they have taught me SO MUCH MORE than that certification ever did."

Kenz C.

"Since January 10th (my start date with y’all) I’ve been free from a decade of eating disorders that I thought would have control of me and my sanity forever. I’m so proud of myself and love myself more now than I ever have before. Never ever thought I’d say those words or to be able to look in the mirror each day and love who’s looking back at me."

Keely R.

"I’ve literally been weight lifting (admittedly on and off) for like 5 years and I never built muscle because I wasn’t eating enough and I wasn’t utilizing progressive overload. It’s sad too because part of this time was with a coach that didn’t prescribe 1200 calories but never pushed me or educated me on WHY we needed to bring the food up because I was losing weight and it was a great before and after. SO my relationship with food is a million times better, actually seeing muscle is the most exciting, and just overall I feel like progressing in the gym has made me more driven or at least more confident to move the needle in other areas of my life!"

Enedina C.

"Balancing my hormones and healing my gut has literally changed my entire wellbeing. I can happily say that I can’t remember the last time I had an inconsistent period of time where I could not go to the restroom without being uncomfortable, in pain or being crazy bloated. The education behind macro tracking and nutrition has given me the knowledge and awareness of seeing what I put into my body but also the importance behind it. Which has helped me recognize what and how much I need to put into my body to make it function properly. I have felt the most normal I ever have this entire year because of all of that. So if I would have to sum it all up, I would simply say: healing my body from inside out."


Jessica S.

"This program allowed me to focus on me to be stronger mentally and physically. I feel strong AF and even have the benefits of having CURVES that I’ve never had before like a booty and arms/shoulder/back full of muscle I’ve never felt before. This is the first workout/lifestyle blueprint that has worked for me & been sustainable. I am a new person and I am just so thankful for everything you’ve given me.I eat all my favorite foods all the time and still make progress. It sounds impossible but it happened for me and I’m living my best life!!!"

Grace E.

“I have really loved the sense of community and the support I have been given. It makes the gym a little less intimidating and makes working out so much more enjoyable than before. I am developing a healthier relationship with food and feel like I can still live my life and make progress towards my fitness goals, which is something I have struggled with in the past.”

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