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Meet the Coaches

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Alicia is founder of The Fit Breakthrough. After years of having a "perfectionist" mindset towards fitness, constantly engaging in fad diets, and wanting to be the smallest version of herself, she discovered the power of reverse dieting and living a balanced lifestyle.

She has helped over 200 women on their journeys to stop the "overeating then restrict" cycles that come with giving into diet culture mentality.

She lives in San Diego and her favorite thing to eat are steak tacos!

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Laura is a certified PT and is also certified in sports nutrition.

She is a trained chemist, but has found a passion for changing women's lives through proper nutrition and training. Once her college softball career ended due to injury, she felt lost and turned to food for comfort. After years of fad diet failures, she decided to take control of her life. She learned how to create a lifestyle with good food and exercise that was no longer restrictive, but fun and easy.

She lives in Tampa, Florida and her favorite food is pizza!

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Evelyn is an ISSA CPT and PN1.

She grew up playing sports yearround for 10+ years and has always loved being active. However, she never learned how to properly eat or exercise outside of sports, and the online fitness information was confusing and conflicting. It wasn’t until she hired her first coach where she learned how to take ownership of her health and get her dream body without fearing food and heavy weights!

Now she is on a mission to help other women achieve the same breakthrough and learn that food is fuel, and the weight room is not just for men.

She lives in Maryland, and her favorite things to do outside of fitness are reading and spending time with her friends & family!

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