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1:1 Fitness Coaching

The Fit Breakthrough

The breakthrough that will take you from feeling stuck to

strong, confident, and lean for life.

You feel like you're burning the candle at both ends with eating healthy and working out, yet you keep going in circles gaining and losing the same 10-15 pounds.

You are sick of only viewing progress in the short term, and you're ready to gain muscle, lose body fat, and feel confident for life.

Changing your body composition doesn't happen by accident.

It takes a customized strategy and plan that is fit for you and YOUR life.


Look, we get it.

There's a reality where...

You are walking around maintaining a toned, lean physique while eating more food.

You are enjoying meals out and long vacations without feeling like you're "starting over".

You are losing weight without cutting carbs.

You feel motivated because you know that your actions are leading you to where you want to be mentally and physically.

You aren't stressed about "am I doing enough" or "am I checking the right boxes" because you have a coach who is taking care of that for you and teaching you the "why" along the way.

Your digestion and energy levels are the best they've ever been.

You feel peace knowing that you will never do a fad diet ever again.

See It All


Listen, I know it's difficult to think that after months or years of spinning your wheels seeing no progress that this reality is even in the cards for you. I also can bet that you've never had education, support, and a plan quite like this before. 

We can't predict the future, but I know that taking a chance is far better than staying stuck in your own way.

Say hello to your next level physique.

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List Title

Here are the details...
Onboarding call and weekly check-ins

Giving you customized nutrition, training, and walking you through how to fit fitness into your busy schedule. Educating you on the "why" along with the "how".

Daily text messaging

Direct communication with your coach to make sure you're feel supported every step of the way.

Office hours

Open office hours in zoom 2x a week for face to face support and hands-on communication.

Custom Training Breakdown and Guidance

Customized training app complete with video tutorials and data tracking to ensure that you're reaching your training goals. We also will be watching and correcting form videos.

Client Resource Database

Over 150 educational materials including video walkthroughs, meal ideas, trainings, and so much more. You get perpetual access to this database.


Join a supportive community of hardworking women on the same journey as you. 

You've tried calculators, apps, and diets before, but you've never had support like this.

What makes us the last coaches you will ever hire:

  • We meet every single client where they are at currently and work together to make sure this plan is properly customized to them, their needs, and their schedule.

  • We offer high level touchpoint communication to ensure your success. This means getting to know YOU, your schedule, and your day to day challenges.

  • We prioritize community to make sure you feel supported by everyone on the team. It can be tough to stay accountable by yourself, so it's important for you to feel inspired by and involved with other women just like you.

  • Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all and it's not our way or the highway. A coach/client relationship is a collaboration, and that means working with you to figure out how to best set you up for success with achieving your short and long term goals.

  • As coaches, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can better serve our clients. We will always go above and beyond for our team.



It's almost hard to put into words but it’s night and day from how I felt 8 weeks ago. I haven’t had to kill myself to make progress and that has been the biggest eye opening thing for me. I'm eating enough food and not starving. I don’t feel guilty ever, and when I look in the mirror I don’t shy away, I have way more confidence and don’t hide under baggy clothes anymore either. I used to wait for the day I’d feel motivated enough to start working out again but even I knew it was going to take discipline and accountability to get me back in line with a healthy lifestyle and that’s what I needed from having a program and coach.


Having a coach has given me the tools, the encouragement, the guidance and the push I needed.  The  protocols gave me the structure I love and the structure I needed in order to break my mindset.  Without this team I can confidently say I would still be in a negative mental state around food, exercise and body image. I love that the protocols are simple and don't require an all-or-nothing mindset.  I have found an amazing balance between enjoying life while also incorporating fitness into my life in a very long term sustainable way.


After my first call with Alicia, I knew this wasn’t the typical one-size-fits-all training program that I’d done in the past. Working with my coach, Laura, we developed a great relationship where she not only supported and guided me, but also instilled accountability on my part for the progress and outcomes. This was so much more than just a workout plan or a nutrition guide. TFB is about learning, about understanding your body and the why behind the process. This wasn’t a hook-em and keep-em plan, this was learning to find success and implement real lifestyle change to ultimately do it on my own.
You're not alone, but no one can make the jump for you

So many women want to create a lifestyle change where they walk around with a more toned, leaner physique but 99% of them won't ever achieve that goal.

Why? Asking for help is difficult. There's always a fear of letting you and your coach down, and there's an element of vulnerability that comes with asking for support.

There's no easy way out

If there was a secret 8 week diet that would get you to your goal physique, we would be selling that to you... but there's not.

It takes work.

It takes having a growth mindset. 

It takes betting on yourself and not playing small.

However, it also doesn't involve suffering and restricting in order to reach your goals. Our goal is to un-complicate fitness and give you the clarity and direction you need to reach your goals and feel GOOD along the way.

See It All

Screen Shot 2024-02-10 at 1.35.35 PM.png

Before you think "this sounds great, but I could never be disciplined... I've never even been able to stick to a diet for more than a few weeks at a time! What if I fail?"

That's exactly what all these women thought before they had guidance, structure, and a plan from a 1:1 coach. Don't allow your previous shortcomings to dictate what you're capable of in the future.

Don't Take it From Us...

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"I joined The Fit Breakthrough if not the greatest place mentally. I didn’t have a very good relationship with food or my body. The Fit Breakthrough completely changed that for me though. I was able to see changes and get to where I wanted to be physically without sacrificing my physical or mental health. The environment here has been nothing but amazing and supportive. I cannot recommend it enough. I 100% feel like I have learned so much. I’m starting my first year of college as a nutrition major and stuff I have learned over the coaching program is helping me in my nutrition classes. I also feel so much more confident in my every day food and exercise choices." - Hannah R

"I cannot sing the praises loud enough for The Fit Breakthrough team! Planned on signing up for only 3 months, extended for 6 more after and have no plans on quitting anytime soon. I have my personal training certification but they have taught me SO MUCH MORE than that certification ever did." - Keely R

"I came to TFB when I was a little lost with my fitness goals. I have always been active and an athlete, but I was just going through the motions and not making any progress toward any goals. I learned so much about macro counting and tracking, lifting for hypertrophy, balancing sleep, steps and water, and so many other things! I feel so much more confident working on reaching my goals on my own now after working with TFB." - Shelby W

It's time to stop spinning your wheels and start getting results that last.

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I was so afraid of failure when I was deciding whether or not to sign up. I have not been able to successfully reach my goals before, so I thought I was a lost cause. But Alicia coached me through everything so beautifully and I was able to reach some goals and ultimately feel so much better about myself. I have learned so much through this coaching experience and I would recommend The Fit Breakthrough to literally anyone and everyone. You will not regret choosing to do 1:1 coaching with The Fit Breakthrough. Even if only the smallest changes are seen, you will learn far more from them than you will from any other coach out there. The investment is 100% worth it. It's up to you to make the changes and follow the protocols, but the coaches won't let you do it without their support!!" - Makayla H

Meet the Coaches

The choice is yours!

Coach Alicia here... if you made it this far this tells me you're still trying to weigh your options. Massive change involves taking massive action. 

Instead of asking "what if I fail" start asking "what if I THRIVE?"

If there's one thing I wish I could go back and tell my past self, it's that you are never going to be ready to take that next step - so you may as well GO ALL. IN.

Coaches collapse the time it takes for you to see results.

Spend less time going in circles and more time living life with the MOST CONFIDENCE you've ever felt.

Confidence is built from taking action.

There's no better team to guide you. 

All three of us coaches have been in your shoes, and fitness becomes so much more effortless and fun when you're getting the results you SHOULD be getting.

No one is coming to save you.

There's only one question left - Are you in?

See It All

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