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Budget Template

With Video Tutorials
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As an accounting student I'm naturally very interested in numbers and budgeting. Considering most of the people who see my content are Type A individuals who love scheduling and organizing - I figured this could be a useful tool.

I created this Excel spreadsheet for you to not only see what you're spending money on, but also be able to:

  • Easily compare your spending in relation to the previous month

  • See your top spending categories

  • Assess your quarterly expenses

The excel document is formulated to work for you! All you have to do is enter in your expense and dictate which category it falls under... the spreadsheet does the rest:)

Plus - if you have different expenses or want to add or delete a category, the template comes with video tutorials explaining how to do all that fun stuff.

***Compatible with Excel on PC or MAC. This is NOT compatible with Numbers on the MAC.***

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