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Education and Courses

Body recomp masterclass

What you will learn

  • What is body composition 

  • The step by step approach we use with clients to gain muscle and lose body fat

  • Signs you are under eating

  • Metabolism and TDEE

  • Energy balance

  • Metabolic Adaptation

  • What to avoid

  • Case study

Gym Equipment

Education is important to our team. We value the WHY an


What makes our team different?

  • We meet every single client where they are at currently and work together to make sure this plan is properly customized to them, their needs, and their schedule.

  • We offer high level touchpoint communication to ensure your success. This involves weekly check ins, video protocols, daily 1:1 chats, weekly office hours, and so much more.

  • We give you access to over 150 educational trainings - forever. We mean it when we say we want this to be a sustainable change that you can maintain forever.

  • We prioritize community to make sure you feel supported by everyone on the team. It can be tough to stay accountable by yourself, so it's important for you to feel inspired by and involved with other women just like you.

  • As coaches, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can be better for our clients. We will always go above and beyond for our team. 

Fitness Equipments

The Fit Breakthrough Testimonials

Having a coach has given me the tools, the encouragement, the guidance and the push I needed.  The  protocols gave me the structure I love and the structure I needed in order to break my mindset.  Without this team I can confidently say I would still be in a negative mental state around food, exercise and body image. I love that the protocols are simple and don't require an all-or-nothing mindset.  I have found an amazing balance between enjoying life while also incorporating fitness into my life in a very long term sustainable way.

Anique H

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