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Breakthrough Hour!


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What is it?

A Breakthrough Hour is a one hour 1:1 zoom coaching session.

Simply fill out the sign up form below so your coach can gather all the necessary information prior to jumping on the call!

On the one hour call, your coach can work with you to come up with a plan of action for you to utilize moving forward based on your goals and schedule.

You can ask any questions on the call and feel confident in what you're doing!

You will also receive a training split PDF as well as helpful resources.

Sign ups for Breakthrough Hours are one week only through January 18th.

Why We Created
Breakthrough Hours

We created Breakthrough Hours because we want to give those who don't want a full 1:1 coach the opportunity to be set on the right path!

Macro calculators are out there, but they don't take into account who YOU are, your schedule, your dieting history, your preferences, etc.

This is a way to talk to an actual coach and get the help and resources YOU need, because no two journeys are the same.

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What will we talk about?

Anything! Including:

  • What you have tried in the past

  • Your current goals and approach

  • Changes/modifications to your schedule

  • Training considerations and questions

  • Macro targets if you wish to track

  • Cardio/step goals

  • Meal ideas and grocery lists

  • Questions about the WHY

  • Coming up with a game plan and timeline to achieve your goals

  • Training split

  • Biofeedback considerations

  • How to track your progress

  • Links to specific documents and resources that will help you

  • Answer any other questions you have

How much is it?

A one time payment of $205.

This will give you a one Breakthrough Hour Zoom call plus forever access to the educational resources.

Simply fill out the sign up form below and we will be in touch with the available times!

Sign ups are one week only and end January 18th. This is a limited time opportunity!

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